Monday, July 14, 2014

A New Kind of Independence Day

Hawai`i: A New Kind of Independence Day - July 4, 2014 from Ruth Shiroma Foster on Vimeo.

HONOLULU - It's the Fourth of July, and Henk Rogers, founder of Blue Planet Foundation, declares this day Happy Energy Independence Day. With iPad in hand, his granddaughter, Hannie, "flips the switch" and brings the family's new Round Top Drive home "off the grid." Leading the charge at the celebration, he called for Hawaii to be energy-independent by 2030.

Musical artists include:

Kenny Endo (taiko)
Norm Foster (clarinet)
Duane Padilla (violin/guitar)
Alika Lyman (bass)
Gerardo Velez (congas)
Jim Gagliano (guitar)
Jeannette Trevias (piano)
Jeff Mikulina (drums)

Video produced by Ruth Shiroma Foster

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